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Welcome to JAYBA & Jackson J-Hawks


We are the Jackson Area Youth Baseball Association & Jackson J-Hawks Baseball Club. We have baseball and softball for kids of all ages. The J-Hawks baseball club has teams from the U9-U14 age group. Check out our site for more information on our programs, camps, and events. 

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Registration for spring baseball/softball/Tball opens December 15th, 2019.

J-Hawks hosts tryouts in late-July for 2021.


If you have any questions, please email jayba.chairman@gmail.com or jhawksjackson@gmail.com



2021 J-Hawk Tryout Information

2021 J-Hawks Tryout Information


Saturday, July 25 and Sunday, July 26 


U9,10, and U11on Saturday from 10:45 am - 12:15 pm and Sunday at 2:00-3:30 pm


U12,13 and U14 on Saturday from 9:00-10:30 am and on Sunday from 3:45 -5:15 pm. 


Please follow the link below to sign up!




by posted 07/05/2020
Baseball Field Rules


Hey Parents, Coaches, and Assitant Coaches, 


Although it seems obvious, if a field has been chalked for a game, please do not play on that field. 


Our fields are groomed and chalked during the day, we have 5 fields to play on, plus batting cages. Please stay off the fields once they have been chalked. If you have scheduled practice with your team, please make sure you add it to the Master Schedule so the Field Operations Team knows about the practice and can plan accordingly. 


If you have any questions, please let me know.  


Thank you, 


Greg Winn



by posted 06/30/2020
And We're Back!!!


And, We're Back! Great news, JAYBA families, last night the Jackson Town Board approved the initial phase of opening our concessions stand. While initially, it won't be the robust menu we're used to, we will still be able to offer pre-packed snacks and beverages. The team is working hard to get creative for your kiddos (Lunchable Value Meal Anyone?) while adhering to all health and safety regulations. As much as we'd like to open right away, we need some time to get our staff ready and inventory in stock. We will keep you posted with an opening date. We are so excited to be able to offer this service to our families...baseball is good, but baseball with snacks is even better! Stay tuned for more updates!

Thank you for your patience during this difficult time. 



by posted 06/25/2020
League updates

Hey Parents, 


Good morning I hope you all are well. 


Raffle tickets - Please turn in all stubs to the coaches in the next week.   

  • Raffle tickets are due the 1st week in July - Raffle is July 18th


  • Please keep the Pavillion doors closed when possible. Please close them before you leave. 


  • Please help keep the bathrooms cleaned. If you see something that needs to be addressed, please let us know. 


  • I will find out tonight, June 24th, if we are able to open the concession stand or not. If we are able to open, everything will be pre-packaged. We plan to offer beverages, snacks, and pre-packed items. Stay tuned. 

JAYBA/J-Hawks Gear 

  • Store closes today! Order ASAP


  • We do not plan to have an organized picture day. We will have Diana coming to each team to take a team picture. If you would like a team picture, please let her or I know, or take the picture yourselves.

JAYBA Party - July 18th - Cancelled 


If you have questions or concerns. Please give me a shout. 




by posted 06/24/2020
Great news from the Washington/Ozaukee County Health Dept.


Hey Community Residents, 


The Washington Ozaukee County Health Dept. has released some updated guidance, effective June 17th, 2020. The health department has issued some advice on how many establishments, including some that affect our league and its operations, can be safely reopened or opened with increased capacity recommendations. As you all know, I am working extremely hard to get the concession stand opened up and to be able to offer some modest refreshments and snacks. We are hoping this information will provide us an opportunity to safely offer these items and be enough to convince the Town to let us operate the concession stand for the remainder of the 2020 season. I will keep you all posted. Please see this image highlighting the changes that affect us, specifically, the entire updated 13-page report will be posted under "Documents" for your review. If you have questions or concerns, please let me know. 

Thank you, 

Greg Winn


by posted 06/18/2020
Let the Games Begin!!!


Hi Parents, 


The season is finally here, albeit a bit of a late start, far better than not starting at all. I wanted to let everyone know how much we appreciate your support and dedication to both your children and this community. We are going to do our absolute best to keep things clean and keep everyone safe. We are going to need your help. 


Here are a couple of reminders for the season. 


  1. If you are sick or exposed to someone that is sick and you are feeling ill, please let your coaches know, and please consider staying home. 
  2. Wash your hands often! Have the kids use sanitizer before the games and practices. 
  3. The JAYBA and J-Hawks apparel store are open. Please order soon, the store closes June 24th so that we can get you the gear prior to the end of the season. 
  4. Uniforms are all distributed to the coaches and you will be getting them soon. If we need to make size changes, please consider trading jerseys on your team first, for a better fit, if needed, we will order the needed sizes. A replacement uniform will take a week or so. 
  5. Raffle tickets - Please pick up your raffle tickets from the Coaches ASAP. If the coaches don't have your tickets, please let Stacey know and we will get them for you. If you like a little competition, we have prizes for the people that sell the most tickets. The raffle ticket sales are a huge help to our league. Please return the stubs to your coaches by July 4th. 
  6. Do not argue with the Umpire, the umpire is there to help. If you don't agree with a call, please address it with the coach directly, once the inning is complete. The umpires are there to help but they are not there to be verbally abused or harassed. If you are going to be aggressive towards our umpires, you will not be permitted at the park. Additionally, your team may be forced to forfeit as a result of your bad behavior.
  7. Rookie Boys do not have an umpire and the coaches will call the game.
  8. Rules are posted under "Documents" should you have any questions. 
  9. Please sign up to volunteer if you haven't already.
  10. Please pick up after yourself, do not leave trash lying around.
  11. Please let us know if our facilities need attention. 



http://jhawksbaseball.deco-apparel.com - J-Hawks Gear

http://jacksonbaseball.deco-apparel.com - JAYBA Gear

https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0f4aa4a92da3f49-2020 - Volunteer signup


Thank you for choosing JAYBA and J-Hawks for your 2020 baseball and softball season. We are grateful for your support and we are looking forward to seeing you at the park. 


Greg Winn



by posted 06/15/2020
Volunteer Signup


2020 Volunteer Requirements


We are thrilled to be able to play this ball this year! To do so safely, we are going to need extra help in managing the cleaning and sanitation of our bathroom facilities & porta-potties. In order to gain access to the town bathroom facilities, a cleaning schedule must be submitted. We are requiring only two half-hour shifts per family. 




Please take a moment and sign up soon. 


Thank you, 


by posted 06/13/2020
Thank you Mahler Clean!!






A special thanks to Mahler Clean for providing all of our sanitary products.


Thank you, Pat Sullivan, for all your help.




by posted 06/04/2020


Hi Jackson Area Families, 


Welcome to the 2020 Baseball, Softball, and T Ball season. We are excited you have decided to join us this year. As we all know this year is going to be unique. We are going to need to make some adjustments to our games and practices so that everyone stays safe and healthy. Practices will start next week, games will begin June 15th, the season will wrap up in early August. If your child's coach has not reached out to you, please reach out to them or myself to let me know. 



  • Please have your children wash their hands before and after every practice. Please send them with sanitizer if you feel they will use it. We will also have sanitizer available at the park. 
  • Guests at the park need to practice social distancing when possible. Please plan to bring lawn chairs, blankets, or whatever you would like to sit on for the games, the bleachers will be CLOSED. 
  • Coaches will be provided with sanitizing wipes to help keep the equipment clean. The wipe buckets will be stored in the Coaches Closet and the coaches will have access to them before each game. 
  • Players should try to separate as much as possible in the dugout. We will be opening up the dugouts a bit so that the kids can spread out along the baseline. 
  • Kids should bring their own helmet, glove, and bat. We will have team helmets available, if your child needs one to use for the season, please work with the coach to get them a helmet assigned for the season. If your child doesn't have their own bat, we can always wipe the bat clean or buy your child batting gloves to wear when they hit. 
  • Please plan to eliminate Team Snacks after each game. 
  • If you are sick or have symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home and notify your coach asap.
  • If you have a family member that has tested positive for COVID-19, please stay home and notify your coach. 
  • Kids playing at the park need to be supervised, please have your children use sanitizer when they are done playing. 
  • The bathrooms will be closed unless we can get the Town to approve of them being unlocked (fingers crossed). We have ordered 4 portable toilets, we will do our best to keep them clean, however, we do not pay anyone for this service, therefore your help keeping them clean is appreciated. 
  • Concessions will NOT be available unless the Town reverses its decision to prohibit us from providing concessions. We are deeply saddened by the Town decision to keep the concession stand closed, that being said, volunteer hours are going to be a bit of a challenge. I am hoping to provide everyone with more direction in the coming days. In the meantime feel free to bring coolers and beverages for your family, please pick up after yourself. 
  • Milwaukee Brewers Little League night - TBD
  • Raffle tickets will be distributed to the Head Coaches. Please get them from the Head Coach early in the season. The raffle drawing will take place on July 18th. 
  • JAYBA Party July 18th - TBD
  • J-Hawks tryouts will occur in late July at Town Hall Fields

Please refer to the guidelines for any additional questions. If you have concerns you would like to discuss, please feel free to reach out to me for help. 


Thank you, 


Greg Winn

JAYBA Chairman








by posted 05/27/2020
2020 JAYBA Safety Guidelines part 2

by posted 05/22/2020
2020 JAYBA Safety Guidelines

by posted 05/22/2020
Board Agendas

Jackson Area Youth Baseball Association (JAYBA) &  Jackson J-Hawks 


Jackson Area Youth Baseball Association (JAYBA or Jackson Baseball) hosts monthly meetings to discuss all topics relevant to the league and league operations. Our Board meetings range from an hour to an hour and a half and occur the first Tuesday of each month both during the season and offseason. We discuss both the Jackson Baseball program (TBall, Baseball, & Softball), the Jackson J-Hawks program, and other relevant topics related to our program. Our organization works together to collaborate on all necessary elements of both programs with the goal of delivering a superior baseball/softball/tball experience for the entire community. 


Moving forward we would like to post our monthly agendas for you all to see., they will be located under the Documents tab, under Agendas. Our goal is to be transparent and upfront about the issues we face every season. Topics range from annual fees, league opponents, field improvements, Town Hall relationships, and much more. We encourage you to read the agendas and offer feedback on the relevant topics. Additionally, we encourage everyone to offer positive or corrective feedback on the program and ways to improve it. If you have any questions about any of the topics, please feel free to reach out to us for more information. 


Thank you, 


Jackson Area Youth Baseball Association & J-Hawks


by posted 11/27/2019
Mission Statement Support


Effort & Attitude

Mission Statement

Jackson Area Youth Baseball Association's mission is to provide your family with the best possible baseball, softball, and tball experience. Through proper guidance and model leadership, Jackson Area Youth Baseball Association assists children in developing the qualities of good citizenship, discipline, teamwork, and physical well-being. By championing the virtues of character, confidence, effort, and attitude, we will strive to develop superior citizens and exceptional athletes. We believe with a positive attitude and their best effort, your child can accomplish anything. 


Baseball & Softball is a privilege and we are proud of the athletes that represent our organization and families.

- Effort & Attitude -

Thank you




by posted 05/02/2019
League Information & Overview


Overview of 2020 Season

  • Registration Period Opens 12/15/19 (Earlybird registration with discounted rates)
    • January - February 28th  
    • All families are required to participate in Raffle Fundraiser ($100.00)
      • Families receive $100 in raffle tickets to sell to recoup fundraiser fee (10 tickets)
    • All families are required to either volunteer at our concession stand (2 shifts), Coach, or join the Board
      • Head Coaches get $50 off registration - First come, first serve.
      • Assistant Coaches fulfill all of their Volunteering Requirements
      • Board Members receive Free registration for the entire family, but still, have to pay for Raffle Fundraiser
        • Board members fulfill their volunteering requirement by serving on the Board 
  • Team Selection, Uniform Ordering, & Equipment Distribution - March
    • Coaches Meeting in late-March
  • Practices start mid-April
    • Head Coaches set practice schedule
  • Games Start mid-May 
    • Home games are 6:00 pm at Town Hall Fields in the Town of Jackson
      • Concession stand opens at 5:30 pm
    • Games are Mon-Thursday
      • Rookie Girls and Single-A Boys play games on Mon & Wed
      • Rookie Boys and Junior Girls play games on Tues & Thurs
    • Boys and Girls program plays in surrounding communities
      • Hartford, Richfield, Slinger, and Port Washington
    • Each team will play 10-12 games annually
  • TBall Teams & Coach Pitch Teams - Focus on Fundamental baseball skills 
    • Play ALL games at Town Hall Fields
    • Average of 5-7 players per team
    • Games are 45 mins - All kids play, all kids get to hit, and all kids get to score runs!!
  • Milwaukee Brewers Little League Night - June 23, 2020
    • Tickets are Loge Outfield Seats (normally $35) - tickets will be discounted 
    • Coaches and kids have the option of participating in an on-field pre-game parage at Miller Park
    • All seats in the same section and Scoreboard recognition for JAYBA (Last year we sold 225 tickets)
  • 4th Annual JAYBA Party on July 18th at Town Hall Fields
    • Competitive baseball and softball games with our surrounding communities
    • On-Field Player Ceremony, fun kids games, home run derby, water wars, bounce houses, and much more.  
    • Annual Raffle drawing announcing winners of the $4,000 in cash drawing
      • All raffle tickets stubs can be turned in at the concession stand throughout the season. All stubs need to be collected before June 30th. 
  • Jackson J-Hawks Tryouts - Late-July dates TBD

by posted 02/15/2019
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