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Jackon J-Hawks Baseball & Softball

Home of competitive youth baseball and softball for Washington County and surrounding areas, our program's main goals are:

  1. To teach J-Hawks how to play baseball and softball the right way
  2. To be a positive impact on them as young men and women
  3. To do all this with class​


The Jackson J-Hawk program has adopted and adheres to the Matheny Manifesto, written by Mike Matheny, manager of the St. Louis Cardinals and former youth baseball coach. Members of the J-Hawk program are expected to hold each other accountable to the principles outlined in this document. Players have roles. Coaches have roles. Parents have roles. In summary, the J-Hawk baseball experience is ALL about our players. 


We are proud to be in partnership with the Jackson Area Youth Baseball Association (JAYBA) to provide an increased level of competitive baseball and softball play for our community. Together, we aim to provide a positive baseball and softball experience for our Jackson area youth.


As a provider of baseball and softball excellence for the Washington County area, we are a feeder program for several local area high schools. We do not hold allegiance to one school. Our only allegiance is to developing dynamic baseball and softball players and responsible young men and women.

We encourage our players to be multi-sport athletes. In an era of overspecialization, we are resisting the trend to have our players specialize at one sport. The structure of our season and practice schedule allows our players to learn and play competitive baseball and softball while saving room for learning other sports and spending time with family. It is to the benefit of our players that they are able to learn multiple sports, which increases their athleticism. In addition, it reduces burn out and injuries. Finally, by putting family first, we provide our players with a proper perspective on life.

By taking this approach, we are confident we can deliver these young men to high school with strong baseball and softball fundamentals, intuition, integrity, and the love of the game still intact.