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How to add practices to JAYBA website as a Head Coach


1.  Login to the JAYBA website. 

2.  Once in system click on Admin

3.  Go to Scheduling and then move down to Master Calendar.

4.  Find the month and week you would like to see if a field is OPEN and click on the date.

5.  Once you find a field that is still not being used (look for TBD team) click on the pencil mark to the left of the field you would like to reserve and time frame. This will take you to Event Details Page.

6.  Make sure time and date are correct that you would like to hold a practice or scrimmage.

7.  A few lines down where it says Teams and (TBD), click on TBD and look for your division and team name and click on your team.  Be careful since we have numerous team names that are the same but in different divisions.

8.  If holding a scrimmage change the Category to scrimmage and add the opponents Team name as well. This will add the event to both team pages on our website.

9.  Add Event Notes if you desire. Example: Dress warm or remember to bring sliding pants.

10. Scroll down farther and where it reads SEND Notifications Now. Check or uncheck what you want.  If adding a short notice event, you may want to notify team managers and parents.  If adding numerous events or practices at the time, you may not want to uncheck all and send out one email stating parents to check the website for practices that have been added.  If you add numerous practices at once and have "Send Notifications" checked, every time a new event is added to system parents will receive a text or email to each one that's added.

11. When everything looks good click the "SUBMIT" button and wait a few seconds and the system will add your event to the Master Schedule and to your team page schedule.

12. If you are DELETING a practice that's already scheduled. Please go into the system the same way and change the Master Calendar and your team name back to TBD.  If you just delete the practice without changing team back to TBD the system will delete the Field and Time, all together. So, no one else would be able to schedule a practice at that time on that field.  VERY IMPORTANT!!!

13. If you are reserving a batting cage and already have a field reserved. It's the same process as above, except when hitting SUBMIT button it will give you a warning that this team already has an event scheduled for that time frame.  You can by-pass this.  It's just an extra warning to make you aware of double booking a team event.