Youth tball, baseball, softball, and select baseball

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Coach Pitch Fundamentals


  1. Start with the basics
    1. Names, introductions, bases, and positions.
    2. Snack Schedule
    3. Equipment
      1. Glove, rubber cleats, and grey baseball pants
      2. Uniform tucked in, socks, and hat.
  2. Throwing
    1. Arm back, knuckles up, overhand throw, follow through at the target
      1. Start position - turned sideways, catching hard towards partner
      2. Overhand throw and point to target with follow through
  3. Catching
    1. Glove up and throwing hand up
    2. Secure ball with throwing hand
    3. “Ten fingers up “
  4. Ready position
    1. Knees bent, hands up, eyes on batter
    2. “Ready Position”
  5. Grounders
    1. Ready position, glove to the ground, stop the ball
    2. “Scoop some dirt”
    3. “Ten fingers down”
  6. Make a throw
    1. Throw the ball to first base – Proper mechanics before “OUT”
    2. Remind them to make sure the 1st baseman is looking
      1. Throw to Pitcher – Call out the name to get their attention
      2. Throw to 2nd base – throw to the pitcher
  7. Hitting - 2 ¼ diameter bat 10 oz. + - 2 oz.
    1. Hit off tee first
    2. Swing and stance
    3. Grip and elbow
    4. “Knocking knuckles” line up
      1. Choke up if too heavy
  8. Coach pitch after the first couple of practices of tee hitting
    1. The coach should kneel to pitch
    2. Assistant coach should play as the catcher
    3. 5-7 pitches per batter, then use tee
  9. Hit through the entire batting order
    1. The last batter hits Grand Slam, clearing bases, teams switch
    2. Hustle in and Hustle out