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1.  What are the volunteer requirements/options?

- JAYBA requires one volunteer requirement per family. Volunteer options include being a board member/coordinator, coaching,  and concession stand assistance at Town Hall Field.  Unless you are volunteering as a coach, the volunteer commitment per family for the season is 6 hours.  Families can elect to opt out of the volunteer requirement during registration by paying an opt out fee. 


2.  What is the fundraising requirement for the 2018 season?

- JAYBA is non-profit organization that relies heavily on families participating in league fundraising in order to keep costs of participation reasonable.  All families are required to participate in fundraising  - but there is only ONE requirement per family, regardless of the number of players participating.  For 2018, families will be required to sell 10 - $10 raffle tickets and a drawing will be held to select winning tickets for various cash prizes.  Raffle tickets will be distributed at the first practice.  

Families will be required to pay $100 (10 raffle tickets @ $10 each) at the time of registration for fundraising.  Tickets are to be sold by families and the money collected by the family is theirs to keep, as the tickets would have already been paid for during the registration process.  The raffle ticket stubs will then be turned in at the Town Hall Concession stand on designated dates (TBD) during the season by May 31st.  The drawing for raffle winners will occur in June or July.


3.  Is there a discount offered if I have multiple family members participating in the league?

 - JAYBA offers a $20 discount off the regular player registration fee for each additional family member.


4.  When will I learn what team my child will be on? 

- Teams are generally selected in mid-late March.  Coaches will generally reach out to you in April to provide an introduction and let you know what team your child will be on. 

NOTE:  If you would like to request your child to play on the same team with another specific player, please send an email to chairman@gmail.com. We can not guarantee that this will happen but will make all reasonable efforts to grant your request.


5.  When does the season start/end?

- The season will typically start with practices in late April.  Games will start in mid-May and end in early/ mid-July.


6.  When are games typically played?

- Games are primarily played during the week, Monday - Thursday.  However, there may be occasional games on Fridays or the weekend. 


7.  Where are games played?

- Most games are played at either Jackson Park, Hickory Park, Town Hall Fields, or in surrounding communities such as Richfield, Slinger, Hartford, or Erin depending on the age level/league selected.